murder minute with paul smith

Cruddy Joe here with another #murderminute: a brief interview with Paul Smith, a legend in his own mind.
Favorite horror movie director? John Carpenter.  How is this even a question?
Are there any horror movie remakes  you can tolerate? There are definitely some good ones.  The Fly 1986, for instance.  I thought it was pretty kickass.  I liked the 1988 version of the Blob too.  I will undoubtedly get a bunch of shit for saying that, but I gotta be me.
Are there any promising contemporary horror movie directors you feel need to be kept an eye on?I am not an expert on this particular topic, but I enjoyed Rob Zombie’s House of 100 Corpses.  I know he has a new film coming out and people are butt-hurt b/c he cast his wife in the leading role.  How is that any different than James Cameron?  That dude sleeps with all his leading ladies and marries them at his indulgence.  Not every man gets to sleep with Sarah Connor…. Rob Zombie just cut out the middle steps.
Do you know the lyrics to any Def Leppard songs?  I know some of the chorus for several.  I would not consider myself a fan, but admittedly Pyromania was a big deal in the ‘80s.  I have an opinion on the drummer too.  It is terrible opinion that I don’t want a written record of.
Can I borrow five bucks?Do you have any collateral to protect my investment?

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