murder minute with gerri duncan

here’s s brief interview with gerri duncan, freakout regular and incredible artist!

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Favorite horror movie director?

Not just one, FW Muranu, Cronenberg, Sam Raimi, Miike.
Are there any horror movie remakes  you can tolerate? I enjoyed the Blob remake quite a bit. Also enjoyed the Evil Dead remake with where they took the story. And of course, the Thing.
Are there any promising contemporary horror movie directors you feel need to be kept an eye on?I have enjoyed James Won, Rob Zombie (to a point), and Takashi Miike.
Do you know the lyrics to any Def Leppard songs?  Probably too many, my dad had been playing their stuff for years and my mom is overded in Def leopard tattoos lol

Can I borrow five bucks?

Sure, but I wanna know what it’s going towards 🤪

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