murder minute with Creepass

Cruddy Joe here with another #murderminute: a brief interview with Creepass aka John Cresap of MovieJunkieJohn:
Favorite horror movie director? John Carpenter hands down. Don Coscarelli a close second.
Are there any horror movie remakes  you can tolerate? I liked Evil Dead(2013) a lot. It was gory and entertaining. I also love The Thing and The Fly of course for older remakes. House of Wax(2005) is a guilty pleasure film.
Are there any promising contemporary horror movie directors you feel need to be kept an eye on?James Wan did some great stuff for a while before he went more mainstream with bigger films. David Gordon Green did well with Halloween. Not a lot of standout genre directors like before though. I am not enamored with all of the A24 hype but they seem to have some talented filmmakers.
Do you know the lyrics to any Def Leppard songs?Gunter, glieben, glauchen, globen
Can I borrow five bucks?I’ll gladly pay you five bucks Tuesday for a hamburger today.

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