murder minute

e here with another #murderminute: a brief interview with Lisa Allen Monaghan, the queen of the watch party
Favorite horror movie director? Stanley Kubrick and george Romero
Are there any horror movie remakes  you can tolerate? I am Legend
Are there any promising contemporary horror movie directors you feel need to be kept an eye on?There are lots of newer promising directors, but I don’t I don’t know who they are. I just watch movies, and simply put, either I like them or I don’t.  I don’t follow directors. I kind of just follow genres, I like zombies, vampires ghosts, especially Covid zombies 
Do you know the lyrics to any Def Leppard songs? I know AC/DC songs better but I have to sing them with music to know the next line. Can you hum a few bars ? 

Can I borrow five bucks?OK, It’s only. 3.60 in British Pound sterling.

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