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Episode 44 – Ben Wilkinson (Vamptones CultureCringe)
Ben stops by to rock the quiz and tell us about his Nashville rock n roll history! Jeano finally tells the GG Allin story.
Episode 43 – Debbie Rochon
Indie horror icon Debbie Rochon stops by to inform Cruddy Joe of Hugh Jackman’s restraining order – and the cool stuff Debbie has going on!
Episode 42 – Joshua Kennedy (The House of The Gorgon)
Joshua Kennedy – director of Cowgirls vs Pterodactyls and House of The Gorgon (and epic Hammer Horror fan) stops by for a total Hammer geekfest!
Episode 41 – Sky Elobar (The Greasy Strangler)
The week the bullshit artist himself, Sky Elobar (The Greasy Strangler, Candy Corn, Don Verdean) stops by to fill us in on the all the greasy happenings! Do not miss! Jimmy makes pizza. Joe gets a sex change.
Episode 40 – Jackey Raye Neyman Jones
“Debbie” from Manos The Hands of Fate stops by to share some stories about her father “The Master” and other cool Manos projects yet to come!
Episode 39 – Paul Smith
Dr. Neutron Jr. visits and shows everyone his big business!
Episode 38 – McNasty III
Everyone’s favorite McNasty, “McNasty” stops by for the latest with The Creeping Cruds!
Episode 37 – Scott Schirmer
Scott Schirmer, filmmaker behind the notorious film “Found” stops by with his parrots. Jimmy makes cheesecake. Mr. Muggs is croaked.
Episode 36 – LOUD (Crazy Agnes)
Tim Mitchell stops by to share tales of Rock n Roll! Jimmy gets butt-hurt..
Episode 35 – THNDRKNT
Everyone’s favorite wiseass THNDRKNT stops by to kick King Kong’s ass!
Episode 34 – Vinny Schram (DJ Kuhmeleon)
The Kuhmeleon stops by to share his love of The Film Freakout and his Top 500 Horror Movies list. Jimmy presents his first full Cruddy Cuisine video!
Episode 33 – Fred Vogel (filmmaker “August Underground”)
Fred Vogel – the high lord of gut wrenching gore realism and the mind behind the August Underground series stops by to shoot the shit with the Cruddy Gang and tell us about his latest film The Final Interview!
Episode 32 – Burk Sauls
Burk, a founder of the Free The West Memphis Three movement and of stops by to fill The Cruddy gang in on “stuff”!
Episode 31 – Brian Trenchard-Smith
B Movie director Brian Trenchard-Smith stops by to tell us how to combine stunts and rock (and chickens!).
Episode 30 – Bo Dinski 2
Bo Dinski revises his story. Then he breaks out of jail.
Episode 29 – Stephanie Brush (The Exotic Ones)
Cruddy Joe and the gang meet Steph Infection from the Exotic Ones (and a whole lotta other bands!). The Creeping Cruds go downtown!
Episode 28 – Dave Wascavage (Filmmaker Suburban Sasquatch)
Dave Wascavage of Troubled Moon Films drops by and tells us about Bigfoot’s nurples

Episode 27 – Barry Gillis (Filmmaker THINGS)
Cruddy Joe and the gang shoots the shit with Canadian filmmaker Barry J. Gillis and find out about his upcoming film Tales From The Dead Zone and his classic THINGS
Episode 26 – Lloyd Kaufman
Uncle Lloyd sits down with the Cruddy kooks and berates the Hollywood establishment.
Joe gets NadLib’d. Jimmy Sniffles gets covid.. Joe and Werner leave the Milky Way..

Episode 25 – Alan Sessler
Author and long time Film Freakout member Alan Sessler stops by to fill the gang in on the haps! #THNDRKNT sits in for Jimmy Sniffles, who may or may not have the covid 🙁
Episode 24 – Chris Czynszak (Decibel Geek podcast)
Chris stops by to witness the KISS gang fully embarrass themselves. Handsome Jimmy gazes lovingly at his own image.
Episode 23 – Freeman Williams (Forever Evil)
Freeman Williams stops by to explain his work on the 80’s masterpiece Forever Evil, the film that he wrote and starred in.
Episode 22 – Handsome Jimmy II
Handsome Jimmy explains his strange ways. The ever popular #THNDRKNT brings the thunder!
Episode 21 – Danny Bland
Danny stops by and tells us of the wondrous exploits of a fella that does more stuff in one year than most do in three lifetimes. Then he makes sure Seattle has enough copies of his book.
Episode 20 – Tim Ritter
Indie horror director Tim Ritter stops by and fills the gang in on all the gooey details about the making of his outrageous films over the past four decades.
Episode 19 – Count Dracula!
Vlad the Impaired visits all the way from Scamsylvania. Our first episode featuring everyone’s favorite sailor girl, #THNDRKNT!
Episode 18 – Troy Guin
Troy, of Nashville’s Exotic Ones, NaschyCast and many other ventures stops in and shares his insights on the world of Naschy fandom!
Episode 17 – Zandor Vorkov
The one and only Zandor Vorkov breaks his 50 year vow of silence and tells us his story of working with legends Sam Sherman and Al Adamson during the creation of our favorite 70’s battle royale Dracula vs. Frankenstein. Pure gold!
Episode 16 – McNasty II
McNasty stops by to challenge the results!
Episode 15 – John Dugan
Grandpa from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre visits with the gang and tells us of his humble origins and introduces us to some new bad words!
Episode 14 – Kelly Chelston (Tiger Sex)
Kelly from Tiger Sex stops by and fills us in on all things Tiger Sex.
Jimmy and Kelly compare notes on Italian food.
Episode 13 – Bill Lindsey (Impaler)
Bill from the mighty Impaler stops by and tells us about the hard rockin in Minnesota!
Episode 12 – PT and VD (Forbidden Dimension)
Calgary’s favorite rhythm section tells the gang about OgoPogo and Cruddy Calgary Livin’..!